Meet the Team: Craig Trickett


Meet the Team: Craig Trickett

Posted on 29 March 2022

​We’re kicking off our Meet the Team series of blogs with one of our specialist recruiters, Craig.

Craig runs the Accounting and Finance Division at Get Recruited, with 7 years of experience recruiting in this sector.

Craig joined us in December 2020, already possessing a large network of candidates and clients across the UK.

Having worked with (and successfully placed) so many candidates over the years, Craig has some excellent interview tips to share which may help you when you come across your next opportunity.

Read our interview with Craig below:

Hannah: What is the most important piece of advice you could give a candidate going for an interview?

Craig: Where do I start…  I think the most important piece of advice is to make sure you prepare. Always look over the company website to get a better understanding of the company and what they do. Check recent news articles on the business, as it’s always good to have a talking point around recent news and success.

Work closely with Recruitment/HR managing the role as it’s very important to get as much information as possible before you go in and if for some reason you can’t attend the interview, get in touch to re-arrange! Life happens and things often get in the way, but it’s easy to rectify if you get in touch in advance.

Hannah: I know when I’ve been preparing for an interview, I sometimes find it difficult to know where to start with preparation. What would you suggest if you aren’t sure where to begin?

Craig: I’d say compare the job brief for the position you’re interviewing for against your own experience and try to think of examples where you have either improved a process related to the role, overcome a tight deadline, hit a certain target or mentored a team etc.

Use the resources you have available, again if you’re working with a credible recruiter, they will often have information on the business and interview techniques to help you prepare accordingly. Failing that, all this information is online. Preparation again is key.

Hannah: One of the main pointers you hear frequently in relation to interviews is having your own questions prepared, what topics should a candidate cover?

Craig: Always keep it relevant to the role you’ve applied for, the company and the wider team you’ll be joining. Don’t be afraid to ask the person interviewing you about their story and how they’ve progressed within the business and what they enjoy about working there. It’s important to remember that it’s a two-way street and you need to make sure that the company is also the right fit for you.

There are plenty of examples online that are there to help prepare for interview questions, the STAR method for example, as most people struggle with competency-based/behavioural questions, this is a good source. But again, the Recruiter/HR representing you should be able to help run through interview prep and relevant questions.

Hannah: Any final tips for candidates heading to an interview in the near future?

Craig: Definitely arrive 15 – 20 minutes early to give yourself time to adjust to your surroundings, smarten yourself up and do a last-minute check of your notes. If you have prepared for the interview, even if you’re out of practice, it will be much more enjoyable experience than if you haven’t. There’s a theme here!

Trust in your prep, you’ve been selected for the role because of your experience and qualifications and who knows this better than you. It’s time to put it into practice.

If you’d like to work with Craig, or any of our other specialist recruiters, you can apply to any of our current vacancies throughout Job Search page.

Get Recruited are also currently recruiting for some internal positions, so if you would like to join our expert team you can apply through our Join Us page.

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