Meet the Team: Darren Gallagher


Meet the Team: Darren Gallagher

Posted on 30 May 2022

Next up for our Meet the Team series of blogs is our Sales & Marketing Recruitment Consultant: Darren Gallagher.

​Darren focuses primarily on Sales and Marketing roles at Get Recruited, with over 4 years of recruitment experience in the Hospitality and Sales sectors in the UK.

Darren joined the team at Get Recruited in March 2022 to assist us in growing both our client and candidate base within Sales and Marketing, learn more about Darren below:

Have you always worked in recruitment?

No, I haven’t. In the past, I’ve been on the client-side of the recruitment process. I was previously managing and opening hospitality venues, restaurants, gastro pubs and cocktail bars.


What made you decide on a career in recruitment?

I like a challenge, enjoy working with people and finding the right person for a vacancy. Not only that, I get my weekends back!


Did you know you were going to decide on specialising in Sales & Marketing when you first started out? How did you decide?

Not at all, I started recruiting for engineering, then hospitality and sales. My chosen specialisms just naturally progressed that way.


What advice would you give to a trainee recruiter who’s just started out in the recruitment industry?

It’s a challenging rollercoaster of a ride but it can be very rewarding. It’s also not easy, but no worthwhile job is, keep working through the dips and you can really enjoy the highs!


What’s your top interview tip for candidates?

Makes sure you thoroughly research the job brief, the company and show an interest in the business. One of the best ways you can do this is by asking questions about the business, job role etc.


Lastly, give us one fun fact about yourself!

I had a 32-hour Birthday. It started in Covent Garden, London and finished in Long Beach, California.

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