Top Four Leadership Styles


Top Four Leadership Styles

Posted on 12 April 2022

Are you aware of the different types of leadership styles?

There are actually many different forms of leadership styles, but we’ll focus on four of the best leadership styles for employee satisfaction and success.

These are: Democratic, Coaching, Visionary and Transformational.

Within Democratic leadership, as you may have guessed, everyone gets to be a part of the decision-making process.

Of course, the leader or management in this situation will always have the final say, but employees will have a lot of influence over the decisions that are made, and this will make them feel valued within their company.

A Coaching leadership style refers to a leader who focuses on the development of their employees’ skills and assists them in achieving their career goals.

Leaders who follow this style will provide opportunities for their employees to take on more responsibility and encourages their staff to grow their knowledge and be independent thinkers.

The Visionary leadership style relates to a leader that gives their employees a clear purpose to believe in and encourages their employees to help them achieve this.

Under this leadership style, employees are given a lot of autonomy over their work, as long as it helps the company to achieve its collective goal.

Lastly, the Transformational style of leadership aims to always push their employees out of their comfort zone in order to stay ahead of innovation.

Employees working under this leadership style are constantly encouraged to push the boundaries of what they can achieve and are consistently presented with challenges by their managers.

All of the above management styles have huge positive effects on how a business runs and how happy employees are to work there.

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