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  • Matthew Ager Matthew Ager
    Matthew Ager
    Managing Director

    I’m responsible for the strategic direction of Get Recruited and oversee the day-to-day operations, which are run by my trusted management team. I’...

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  • Chloe Marsh Chloe Marsh
    Chloe Marsh
    Divisional Manager

    I manage the Recruitment team here at Get Recruited, a team of specialist recruiters covering Sales, Marketing, Finance, Insurance/FS, Business Sup...

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  • Oliver Barker Oliver Barker
    Oliver Barker
    Senior Consultant

    As a results-driven, specialist recruitment consultant, I focus primarily on the Insurance sector and work across the UK with a number of SMEs, Lar...

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  • Tom Eley Tom Eley
    Tom Eley
    Senior Consultant

    ​After ‘falling into recruitment’ over 4 years ago, I can no longer see myself doing anything else and enjoy everything that recruitment throws at ...

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  • James Lloyd James Lloyd
    James Lloyd
    Recruitment Consultant

    ​With both a mother and a brother in the recruitment industry, it feels fated that I’ve ended up here myself, and I can see what made them stay! Th...

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  • Sophie Smith Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith
    Recruitment Consultant

    Marketing recruitment is my true passion and I have a particular talent for connecting my clients with highly suited marketing professionals that t...

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  • Dervla O'Driscoll Dervla O'Driscoll
    Dervla O'Driscoll
    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Coming out of university, I wanted to be part of a fast-paced industry that really helps people. Recruitment has given me just that, I’m so grat...

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  • Robbi Norburn Robbi Norburn
    Robbi Norburn
    Marketing Resourcing Consultant

    I am currently a Resourcing Consultant at Get Recruited in the Marketing Sector. I have gained experience in communicating with candidates to help ...

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  • Martin Richardson Martin Richardson
    Martin Richardson
    Accounts & Finance Resourcing Consultant

    I am currently an Accounts & Finance Resourcing Consultant at Get Recruited and I work within the UK-wide Finance sector. I’ve built a wealth o...

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  • Georgina Gilbert Georgina Gilbert
    Georgina Gilbert
    Marketing Executive

    As Marketing Executive at Get Recruited, I'm responsible for planning the recruitment agency’s social and email schedules, planning external events...

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  • Molly Steele Molly Steele
    Molly Steele
    Marketing & Business Support Administrator

    ​Kia Ora, my role here at Get Recruited is Marketing & Business Support Administrator, I was influenced to pursue Marketing by my dad’s own car...

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  • Hannah Jones Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones
    Group Marketing Manager

    ​​I'm the Group Marketing Manager here at the best recruitment agency in Manchester… Get Recruited!My role in the business includes planning and e...

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  • Daisy Holt Daisy Holt
    Daisy Holt
    Recruiting Assistant

    I am a highly skilled Recruiting Assistant with over 3 years of experience in the field at Get Recruited. I have a talent for identifying top candi...

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