Meet the Team: Matt Ager

Meet the Team: Matt Ager

Posted on 28 June 2022

Continuing our Meet the Team series of blogs, we interviewed the Managing Director at Get Recruited.

Matt has over 18.5 years of experience in recruitment and has expertise in all of the specialisms that Get Recruited operates within. On a day-to-day basis, he primarily focuses on securing Sales, Marketing, and Executive Level talent for fast-growing businesses right across the UK.

Matt started Get Recruited in 2006 after working for another recruitment agency for a period of 2.5 years. Since he set up the business, the business has grown from being one recruiter to a team full of specialists. Our specialist consultants range from Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, Insurance, Business Support and Management & Executive recruitment.

Have you always worked in recruitment?

I’ve not always worked in recruitment, I got into the industry in 2004. Prior to this, I held a number of jobs ranging from Sales, Hospitality, and I even worked as an overseas holiday rep.

What made you decide on a career in recruitment?

A friend of mine, who worked in recruitment, identified that all of my historic experience aligned with the skills required to be great at recruitment. I did my research and jumped straight in with both feet, I’ve never looked back!

Did you know what you wanted to specialise in when you first started out? How did you decide?

My earlier experience in recruitment was across a broad number of specialisms, this gave me the opportunity to learn about so many different areas and enabled me to launch a multi-sector recruitment consultancy. I still remain involved in every single one of our specialisms, however, I have a particular passion for working with Sales & Marketing professionals as they are often very driven with clear goals.

What advice would you give to a trainee recruiter who’s just started out in the recruitment industry?

The first 3 to 6 months in recruitment are very important, if you put in the hard work at the start and go the extra mile, you’ll have built a strong basis to be very successful. To ensure you get off to a great start, be sure to join a business that invests heavily in training and your future just as we do here at Get Recruited.

What does your average day in the office look like?

There is no average day in recruitment, it’s so varied! You’ll always find me on the phone speaking to great candidates and clients, my favourite days are the ones where I make placements. :)

What’s your top interview tip for candidates?

Always do your homework and prepare for the interview, otherwise, you’ve failed before the interview even starts.

Lastly, give us one fun fact about yourself!

I gave it away in an earlier answer! At the age of 18, instead of the typical university route, I decided to leave home and move overseas to be a holiday rep. I was lucky enough to explore different locations across Europe and had an amazing time doing it!

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