Using LinkedIn During your Job Search

Using LinkedIn During your Job Search

Posted on 14 June 2022

LinkedIn has been one of the most popular sites for those currently searching for a new position for years now, but not everyone knows how to optimise their LinkedIn profile to its full potential.

We’ve put together a list of tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is at its best for when you begin applying for your next job:

Have a complete profile

This might be obvious, but many users don’t fully complete their profile upon signing up and it’s best to do so as LinkedIn will prioritise profiles which are completely filled in.

Use keywords

Keywords can help your profile appear in more searches by prospective employers, so it’s important not only to include them, but to get them right. Keywords should be used in all sections of your profile but make sure you don’t use them too much as this can have the opposite effect.

Have a professional profile picture

Your profile picture is likely the first impression that employers will get of you when looking at your profile, so you want to make sure the picture looks professional and gives the right impression. If you don’t think it does, change it!

Choose your headline carefully

Your headline is the next piece of your profile that employers will notice and it’s important to remember that it’s this and your profile picture that employers will see before clicking through to your profile. Your headline is the ideal place to include any key qualifications or accomplishments which might catch the eye of a new employer.

Include your current job title

Your headline is the best place for this, including when you’re between jobs as this tells employers what positions you’re interested in, just make sure you include another line that says something like, “currently seeking new opportunities.”

Write an excellent summary

Your LinkedIn summary should be a quick introduction to you. Make sure you include relevant experience, key skills as well as some information about you personally, such as hobbies and interests. Lastly, finish off with a CTA encouraging people to either connect with you or send you a message.

Make your LinkedIn profile and CV match

Consistency is so important between your profile and your CV, as contradicting yourself between the two can make you seem like you aren’t telling the complete truth to employers viewing your profile.

Keep your experience and skills up to date

Of course, this should be something you do regularly with your profile anyway, especially when you’re beginning your Job Search. This shouldn’t just be true for your experience either, the skills and accomplishments sections of your profile should be kept up to date too.

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