Meet The Team: Sophie Smith

Meet The Team: Sophie Smith

Posted on 24 November 2022

Our Meet the Team series continues with Recruitment Consultant, Sophie Smith!

Sophie has been at Get Recruited for 10 months, and is part of the specialist Marketing Recruitment team. Since starting Get Recruited she has flourished in her career by investing time networking within the Marketing industry to seek out the very best talent, many of which haven't even started their search for the next position!

What’s your role at Get Recruited?

I am a Recruitment Consultant and started at Get Recruited in February of this year. However, I've been in the sales industry for over four years.

Did you know what you were going to specialise in when you started?

Once I started my training I discovered I would be working within Marketing, which was new for me as I’ve not come from a marketing background other than using social media platforms myself. However, I've enjoyed learning about the industry and I feel confident in my ability to place candidates in that field.

What does your average day look like?

My average day is structured which I like as this helps me to stay organised and on top of everything that needs to be done. However, this can always change in recruitment depending on what new and exciting opportunities arise.

How do you keep on top of a large workload?

Having a to-do list is key for keeping on top of your workload! I write down all my tasks which are important for the following day so I don’t miss anything, which helps to keep me feeling organised and on top of everything.

What advice would you give to someone starting a career in recruitment?

The advice I would give to someone starting in recruitment would be to not be disheartened when things don’t go your own way, I’ve learnt that it's not all highs in recruitment and for me, there has been a fair few lows where things haven’t gone to plan or the way I wanted them to go but you’ve got to think past that and stay positive and your highs will 100% come.

What’s your number one recruitment pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is ghosting! It's frustrating when you've been talking to a candidate for weeks, you're finally about to extend an offer, and then they just disappear!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself! 

I’m a big Billy Ocean fan! I think I was born in the wrong generation as I’m a sucker for 70/80/90’s tunes

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