Research: The Saviour of Your Interview

Research: The Saviour of Your Interview

Posted on 27 February 2023

At Get Recruited, we understand the importance of finding the right fit between a candidate and a company. That’s why we always emphasise the need for candidates to research a company before applying for a position. 

Not only does it help them prepare for the interview process, but it also ensures that they align with the company’s values and culture. In this blog, we’ll delve into why researching a company is essential and how it can benefit both candidates and employers.

Enhancing Candidate Experience Through Research

Imagine walking into a job interview and having no idea what the company does or stands for. It’s a recipe for disaster, as it shows a lack of interest and preparation. 

When a candidate takes the time to research a company, they can better understand its history, mission, and values. This knowledge not only helps them answer interview questions more effectively but also demonstrates that they’re committed to the role and the company. It shows they’ve done their due diligence and are serious about the position.

In addition, researching a company before applying can help candidates tailor their application and CV to the job. Understanding the company’s values and culture can give insight into the type of candidate they’re looking for. By highlighting relevant experiences and skills, candidates can make a stronger case for why they’re the right fit for the job.

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Aligning Candidate Skills and Values with Company Culture

The importance of cultural fit cannot be overstated. A candidate may have all the necessary qualifications for a job, but if they don’t mesh well with the company’s culture, they may not be successful in the role. 

Researching a company can help candidates understand its culture and values and determine if they align with their own. If a candidate finds that they don’t share the same values or work style as the company, they may reconsider applying. On the other hand, if they find that the company’s culture is a good fit, they can tailor their approach to the interview to highlight their alignment. 

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Maximising Company Resources and ROI through Informed Hiring Decisions

The benefits of researching a company don’t just apply to the candidate - they can also be valuable for employers. By providing a clear understanding of the company’s culture and values, research can help attract candidates who are a better fit for the role. 

This, in turn, can lead to higher retention rates and better employee engagement. Research can also help employers avoid costly hiring mistakes. A candidate may look good on paper but may not be the right fit for the company’s culture. In this case, the employer would have wasted time and resources on hiring and training someone who ultimately won’t be successful in the role.

In conclusion, researching a company before applying for a job is essential. It not only helps candidates prepare for interviews and tailor their applications but also ensures that they align with the company’s culture and values. For employers, research can help attract and retain better-fitting candidates, leading to a higher return on investment. At the end of the day, taking the time to research a company is a win-win for both candidates and employers alike.

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