2023's Most In-Demand Jobs so far

2023's Most In-Demand Jobs so far

Posted on 01 September 2023

Influenced by social and economic factors, the job market is continuously in a state of change. Skills that would have been desirable in 2022 are now being replaced by ones that can help businesses keep up with changing consumer behaviour and the current economic climate. 

If you are thinking about starting a new career for the first time or looking for a career change, check out the list below to find out more about the five most in-demand jobs of 2023 so far! 

Marketing Specialist

The role of a Marketing Specialist is to help boost a company’s brand by creating marketing strategies to increase sales and gain new customers. 

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With the increasing access to technological platforms and social media channels, companies are finding new and creative ways to reach out to target audiences, causing advertising to reach a new high. 

As a result, businesses who want to stand out from the crowd are turning to Marketing Specialists who can use their innovative and strategic thinking to bring about results. 

As a Marketing Specialist, you will focus on one area of marketing, such as email, content, social media, digital or events. The role will require you to stay up to date on marketing and social media trends and be able to analyse marketing data to develop effective advertising campaigns.

Finance Business Partner

As a Finance Business Partner, you will help with the smooth operations of a business and act as a financial translator who interprets and assesses data before presenting it to stakeholders. 

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In today’s current economic state, Finance Business Partners are becoming more and more in demand as businesses take cautious action to avoid facing any financial risks. 

By using clear communication and strong interpersonal skills, you will become a business’ trusted advisor who will help guide them towards a financially positive future by improving their decision-making and initiating change. 

You must be a confident individual with skills of persuasion, as there will be times when you are delivering unwelcome news. 

Insurance Broker

As an insurance broker, you will provide your client with expert sector knowledge and amazing service by liaising with multiple insurance companies to find the best possible insurance deals. 

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The role requires you to have a firm understanding of your client’s business needs by assessing their claims history and learning what they want to achieve. 

In order to get your client the best possible rate, you will need to negotiate with insurance underwriters and put into place any risk improvements to make your client’s profile more attractive. 

A successful Insurance Broker can maintain a long-term relationship with their client by handling their insurance cycle and keeping up to date with any renewals, amendments or changes to the insurance policy. 

Administrative Assistant 

In this business support role, you are responsible for the smooth running of an office by taking on various tasks across different departments. 

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On a day-to-day basis, you will be expected to answer the phone and transfer calls, respond to any customer/client queries, and greet visitors. You will use your great organisational skills to plan company events, manage business travel and schedule meetings. 

 An administrator will keep up with the businesses’ needs by ordering office supplies and stationery, as well as dealing with invoices, company expenses and receipts. 


You may not realise it, but copywriting is everywhere. It can be pretty much anything from a quirky billboard advertisement to the funny story on the back of a milk carton! 

A copywriter’s role is to create persuasive copy that can catch the attention of a target audience and help create a positive image for a company. As a copywriter, you are expected to research your client’s intended audience and understand how to turn creative briefs into copy that is appealing to their customers. 

Working as a copywriter can be a flexible role if you choose to go down the freelance route. As a freelance copywriter, you will have the freedom to work from home and select the clients you want to work with.

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