How to Get a Job Promotion 

How to Get a Job Promotion 

Posted on 16 November 2023

Have you reached that point in your career where you want to earn a higher salary, gain more responsibilities or step into a leadership role? Unless your company has a progression structure in place, it can be difficult to pinpoint how long it will take to reach your goals and what steps you need to take to get that promotion you have your eye on. 

What actions should you take to get onto your manager’s radar and show them that you are ready for the next stage?

To start, you need to be a model employee and demonstrate your ability to go above and beyond the job requirements. To do this, you need to:

  • Remain organised.

  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.

  • Consistently show up to work on time. 

  • Find solutions to problems when they pop up rather than raising the issue and going to someone else for help.

  • Have good judgement and use a proactive approach when completing tasks.

  • Be a confident communicator. 

  • Offer to take on extra tasks to increase your daily responsibilities and gain new skills. 

Whilst your actions are an important factor in helping you get ahead, the attitude you bring to work plays an equally significant role. 

Here are the 3 Key Attitudes you Need to Stand Out:


Everyone loves a good moan, especially after a busy day at work. Whilst it can sometimes be difficult to keep a brave face, having a positive attitude is a great attribute to have if you want to go into a leadership position, as it helps spread motivation and raise team morale. 


Having a self-assured demeanour and being able to confidently communicate with colleagues, clients and customers, projects the idea that you are proficient within your role and are someone people can go to for help. 


Having a warm and friendly personality will always benefit you in the long run. If you have a good relationship with your manager, then it’s more likely that they will take the time to help you with your career progression. 

If you want to ensure that you have a clear path towards a promotion, then you will need to have all the correct information and resources made available to you. You can do this by:

Asking for Advice

Asking for advice can help you gauge how far away this next step could be and if there are any hurdles you need to jump before you can reach your goal. For example, you may need to gain experience in a certain area of the company, strengthen your current skills or take a specialised course before you can be considered for a promotion. If possible, it would be beneficial to request regular one-on-ones to discuss your progress and gain insight into what you need to improve on. 

Doing your Homework

A great way to know your progression path is to note how other people within your company gained their promotions. For example, did they take on any extra responsibilities? 

You could even ask them for their advice and see how you can tailor it to your role and personal advancement opportunities. 

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