Succeeding in Zoom Interviews

Succeeding in Zoom Interviews

Posted on 29 November 2023

In recent years, the number of companies conducting interviews over Zoom has accelerated.

It is important to be prepared for your interview, and there are several things you can do before a Zoom interview to ensure you succeed!

Make sure you are connected

While phones nowadays have video and audio connection abilities, consider using a laptop or a desktop computer as this allows you to be hands-free and stable. Once you have chosen your device ensure that it is fully charged, has a stable internet connection and that your camera, speakers, and microphone are working clearly. Also don’t forget to put your phone and any other devices on Do Not Disturb.

Look into the camera! This can be hard to get used to as you will want to look at the other participants (or let’s be honest, yourself).”

Man using a laptop whilst on his phone

Eye Contact 

Look into the camera! This can be a hard one to get used to as you will want to look at the other participants (or let’s be honest yourself), so we encourage practising this beforehand a few times, so it comes naturally. Mimic in-person eye contact by alternating between looking at the camera and then at the screen naturally to show your engagement. Also, minimise your appearance on the screen to stop any distractions. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Your environment says a lot about you, and first impressions count! Choose a space to conduct your interview in that is neutral, quiet, and private, the less distractions are best. Clean your space, close the door, and let anyone in your environment know you will be busy.


Make sure you are being an active listener, and that you are asking questions this shows that you’re interested in the position and the company. Asking questions is also a great opportunity for you to learn about the company’s culture and helps you grasp if this is the right position for you. Listening before answering any questions is crucial so you don’t end up speaking over the other person.

Man waving on a Zoom call


Take your time when answering or asking questions, and ensure you are speaking slowly and clearly with confidence and intention rather than rushing to answer without thinking before speaking. This will enable you to communicate with the interviewer with ease. Remember you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

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