​What are the Best Paying UK Sales Jobs?

​What are the Best Paying UK Sales Jobs?

Posted on 03 April 2024

Within the professional industry in the UK, sales jobs are filled with many opportunities for individuals seeking employment. Sales roles are known to be the key to many business's successes as they lead to revenue generation, new business opportunities and the ability to upsell customers and close deals.

Because of the high value placed on sales roles, there is also a higher salary which is often joined by performance-based bonuses, commissions and other benefits.

So, what are the best-paying sales jobs in the UK?

1. Group Sales Director/CRO

London/South East: £120,000/£150,000/£180,000
Rest of UK: £120,000+

For those working a sales job in the UK, a Group Sales Director or a Chief Revenue Officer in the technology space offers the highest income regardless of location. A group sales director, is a senior leadership role, overseeing the complete scale of sales activities. This involves direct sales initiatives, cultivating new business opportunities, nurturing leads, and managing both new and established accounts. Typically, the duties of a Group Sales Director or a Chief Revenue Officer involve assigning tasks to a team of Sales Executives who are their direct report.

2. Enterprise Account Executive

London/South East: £90,000/£105,000/£115,000
Rest of UK: £85,000/£90,000/£100,000

Enterprise Account Executives operate across various sectors, though roles focused on technology tend to offer the highest compensation. In London and the South East, median salaries often exceed £100,000, while elsewhere in the UK, Enterprise Account Executives typically reach similar levels.

In the sales role of an Enterprise Account Executive, their primary tasks involve overseeing the accounts of multiple enterprise-level clients. Especially within the realm of technology, where budgets and revenues are substantial. Enterprise Account Executives might serve as the primary point of contact and hold ultimate accountability for significant ongoing contracts with clients.

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3. Consumer Sales Director

London/South East: £90,000/£100,000/£120,000
Rest of UK: £90,000/£100,000/£120,000

A Consumer Sales Director holds the responsibility for overseeing the sales functions within businesses targeting the consumer market. Working exclusively for one employer, their tasks may entail coordinating direct sales efforts, outbound marketing strategies, and maintaining brand consistency across various advertising platforms, including social media channels.

In the sales role of a Consumer Sales Director position, there is no notable variation in salaries between London and other regions of the country. Median salaries typically hover around £100,000 across all areas, with top-end earnings reaching approximately £120,000.

4. Sales Director

London/ South East: £80,000/£100,000/£120,000
Rest of UK: £70,000/£90,000/£120,000

A Sales Director leads the sales strategy and operations within the technology sector of the organisation. Their primary objective will be to drive revenue growth by effectively positioning and selling technological solutions to prospective clients. This role demands a blend of strategic vision, leadership prowess, and technical acumen to navigate the complexities of the technology market and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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5. Business Development Director

London/ South East: £80,000/£95,000/£110,000
Rest of UK: £60,000/£70,000/£80,000

Closing out the top five, a Business Development Director typically commands a median salary of approximately £95,000 in London and approximately £70,000 in other regions.

In this sales role, the Business Development Director assumes a senior position tasked with cultivating relationships, both externally and internally, that drive revenue generation and enable the business to achieve its profit objectives.

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