​Top 5 UK CEO’s

​Top 5 UK CEO’s

Posted on 13 May 2024

A CEO or a chief executive officer is the highest-ranking executive role within a company, they are the main person who is responsible for making corporate decisions, driving the workforce, ensuring the company is moving toward their strategic goals and acting as the main point of communicate between the board of directors. The CEO serves as the public face of the company. 

You may already know who the UK’s richest people are, but how many of these are CEOs?

1. Michael Platt is the top-earning CEO in the UK

Photo credit - LinkedIn

Net worth: GBP 14.4 billion

Company: BlueCrest Capital Management

CEO of BlueCrest Capital Management, Platt started in late 2000 after nearly a decade working at JP Morgan. BlueCrest is Europe’s third-largest hedge-fund firm, which is a result of Platt’s work, at its peak it managed to earn more than USD 35 billion in assets.

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2. Sir James Ratcliffe is the second richest CEO in the UK

Photo credit - Forbes

Net worth: GBP 13 billion

Company: INEOS Group

Former chemical engineer James Ratcliffe is the CEO and majority owner of chemical powerhouse INEOS Group. INEOS Group Limited is a British multinational conglomerate headquartered and registered in London. As of 2021, it is the fourth-largest chemical company in the world. 

3. Alexander Gerko is one of the top CEOs in the UK

Photo credit - The Times

Net worth: GBP 8.11 billion

Company: XTX Markets

Gerko is the founder and co-CEO of XTX Markets, which is an algorithmic trading firm that was founded in London in 2015. Gerko holds a 75% majority interest in the company. In 2022 XTX Markets reported a 64% increase in profits to £1.1 billion.

4. Denise Coates is also one of the highest-earning CEOs in the UK

Photo credit - Forbes

​Net worth: GBP 6.8 billion

 Company: Bet365

Coates is co-CEO of Bet365 which is one of the world’s largest online gambling companies. After seeing the successes of online gambling businesses, she brought the web domain Bet365.com in 2000 and launched the website in 2001. Coates owns approximately half of the privately held Bet365, which facilitates more than £52 billion in bets every year.

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5. Thomas Morris is apart of the top 5 richest CEOs in the UK

Photo Credit - Super Yacht Fan

Net worth: GBP 3.3 billion

Company: Home Bargains

Morris is a British billionaire businessman and the CEO and founder of the retail chain Home Bargains. He started Home Bargains in 1976 when he was just 21 years old. In 2023 the Sunday Times Rich List estimated Morris to be one of the richest Liverpudlians and the fourth richest person from North-West England.

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