​What Employers Need to Know About Hiring Gen Z

​What Employers Need to Know About Hiring Gen Z

Posted on 21 May 2024

Who is Gen Z?

There is a growing demographic of candidates entering the workforce, Generation Z or Gen Z is what we would call this group. They are the generation born between 1997 – 2012 making them 12-27 today.

Just like any generational group they bring unique skills, habits, and needs, but how do these have an impact on the workplace? What benefits are there to hiring Gen Z? And what are some tips for successfully hiring candidates from Gen Z?

Why Gen Z Employees are Beneficial:

Fresh Perspectives

Gen Z’s entry into the workforce brings a breath of fresh air and new perspectives, they can think outside of the box as they haven’t been conditioned to think in a way, they have grown up in an environment that has enabled them to think freely. They can offer perspectives in a way that older generations would never see.

Technology Savvy

Most Gen Z can pick up any piece of technology and figure out how to use it within a short period of time, this goes for digital programmes as well. They are naturally curious and were raised with technology, so it comes as a second nature.

No generation knows social media platforms quite like Gen Z. From Instagram to Pinterest to TikTok, Gen Z will not only know how to use it, but they’ll know how the algorithm works, what is trending and how to reach your audience.


Generation Z has grown up surrounded by various challenges and changes, they have had to learn to adapt to these situations which has made them a generation of adaptable and resilient people. This means that within the workplace they can quickly adapt to new situations and navigate changes while still thriving.

Diversity & Inclusion

To Gen Z there is a strong importance placed on ensuring spaces are diverse and inclusive, specifically the spaces they spend their time in. Their presence in the workplace fosters a more diverse and inclusive culture, which leads to improved collaboration, creativity, well-being and better decision-making.

Tips for hiring Gen Z and what they are looking for in the workplace:

With Generation Z being those who are aged 12-27 in 2024, they will make up a large portion of the workforce and a percentage of them are already a part of the workforce. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) “By 2025 Gen Z will make up about 27% of the workforce globally.”

As they reach working age, and the Boomer Generation retires number of Generation Z employees will increase. With this companies need to understand this generation, what do they look for in the workplace? What opportunities? What values? How do they work?

To hire Gen Z, there are a few key things companies need to provide to create a suitable workplace:

Offer Career-Growth Opportunities

Generation Z are looking for roles that offer career growth opportunities, they want a role that provides opportunities to advance within the company, learn new skills, take on more responsibility and work their way up. A LinkedIn survey found that 40% of Gen Z candidates were more willing to switch roles and take a 2% to 5% pay cut in order to receive a role that has a strong chance to grow in the role. As an employer investing and building a strong and clear path for progression can help you to attract and hire Gen Z employees and retain them.

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Work with your Gen Z employees, learn their career goals and help them map out their career path with clear goals for progression, development, and growth in your company. Provide mentorship along the way.

Provide Work Flexibility

When hiring Gen Z, they will typically be looking for a company that offers flexible working policies. These flexible policies Gen is looking for when entering a new role are remote or hybrid working and flexible hours.

These policies are mostly because many Gen Z entered the workforce for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when remote and flexible working was normal and was enforced. After the pandemic ended these working styles became a more accepted part of workplaces and demand increased for them to stay.

Offer policies that enable your employees to have a choice in their working hours and locations to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Focus on Skills-Based Hiring

Due to Gen Z being the youngest generation who are in the workforce, they aren’t going to have as much work experience as the older generations, but what they lack in years of experience in the professional industry they make up for with strong skills and a desire to continue learning. It is important for companies when hiring Gen Z to evaluate candidates’ skills over their past work experiences or their education.

Before incorporating skills-based hiring, companies need to determine which skills are essential for the role and which skills can be taught.

Prioritise Diversity and Inclusion

Discrimination based on gender, religion, race, age, sexual preference or disability is a global problem that Gen Z cares deeply about. Due to Gen Z caring so deeply about this issue, it becomes important for them to work within a company that prioritises inclusion and diversity within their workplace and their values. In 2023 a report was conducted that found that 21% of Gen Zer’s would consider finding a new job if their current employer were not engaged in social issues.

Companies need to proudly stand with and promote their policies that prioritise diversity and inclusion within the workplace. This includes branding materials, workplace policies and the hiring process. Ensure the steps that are prioritising inclusion and diversity are genuine and aren’t just a facade as Gen Z will see right through this.

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