​Average Salary of Finance Across the UK

​Average Salary of Finance Across the UK

Posted on 11 June 2024

Working in the finance industry in the UK involves taking on a variety of responsibilities across major financial centres, particularly in London.

Regardless of the specific role, success in the finance industry requires strong analytical capabilities, attention to detail, the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and demanding environment, and a complete understanding of financial markets and economic principles.

There are a range of finance salaries throughout the industry. Typically, UK finance salaries can range from rankings, experience and even locations – for example, from London down in the South, to Manchester up in the North, each UK city will have their own salary range.

So, what are the average finance salaries across the UK?

London’s Average Finance Salary

The Average Finance Salary in Central London is £70,000

Working within the financial industry in London means being at the heart of one of the world's leading financial centers. The city is fast-paced and is fueled by a constant flow of deals, transactions, and market-moving events. Financial professionals in London navigate through a demanding yet rewarding lifestyle, often starting their days early and finishing up late to stay ahead of global markets, it's normal for those working in the finance industry to work long hours. However, the adrenaline rush and potential for lucrative compensation make it an attractive career choice for many ambitious individuals drawn to London's financial network.

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Manchester’s Average Finance Salary

The Average Finance Salary in Manchester is £40,000

Working in Manchester's finance industry offers a dynamic and fast-moving environment, the city’s financial district is home to major banks, investment firms and fintech companies. Professionals in roles like banking, asset management and financial analysis can expect a lively atmosphere in Manchester. Similarly, London’s finance workers work long hours and have large workloads as they keep up with the changing markets and challenges within the finance industry. Manchester has a vibrant culture, diverse communities, and excellent transport links. These all make it an attractive hub for finance careers, offering both professional growth and an enjoyable lifestyle.

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Liverpool Average Finance Salary

The Average Finance Salary in Liverpool is £42,500

The finance industry in Liverpool is a growing financial hub but is still a close-knit community of workers. The city is vibrant but moves at a slower pace than other UK cities. Days often involve analysing market trends, attending meetings, and collaborating with other colleagues in the financial district. The work culture is a balance between professionalism and a laidback ‘Liverpudlian’ charm. Opportunities span investment management firms, corporate finance roles and financial advisory services. Liverpool’s financial scene allows for a reasonable work-life balance, with many cultural attractions and a social scene within the city.

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Birmingham Average Finance Salary

The Average Finance Salary in Birmingham is £47,500

Working in Birmingham’s finance sector means being a part of a thriving financial hub, major banks, investment firms and finance companies have regional offices here. This means there is a dynamic and fast-paced environment in Birmingham for finance. There is a diverse mix of roles from corporate banking and wealth management to fintech and regulatory compliance. The city's central location and transport options attract talent from across the region, building a collaborative and ambitious workforce. Birmingham’s finance sector offers exciting opportunities while providing a more affordable lifestyle compared to London.

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