Who Are the Top 5 Richest Families?

Who Are the Top 5 Richest Families?

Posted on 20 June 2024

There is a huge appeal in knowing who the top billionaires are and how they made their fortunes, but have you ever thought about who the wealthiest families in the world are? How much is their family's net worth? And how did they make their fortunes?

To answer your curiosities, we have compiled a list of the top 5 richest families in the world:

The Al Nahyan family is the richest family in the world


Estimated Wealth: £238 billion GBP

Company: Abu Dhabi Royal Family

-        The family is referred to as the “House of Nahyan”.

-        Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the president of the United Arab Emirates.

-        Sheikh Mohammed became the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE in 2022, following his brother and his father.

-        The family’s fortune was amassed through the ownership of billions of barrels of oil reserves, in addition to extremely profitable wealth funds.

The Walton Family is the second wealthiest family in the world

Estimated Wealth: £203 billion GBP

Company: Walmart

-        At the top of the value chain in the Walton family are Jim, Rob and Alice Walton.

-        They are each worth around £44 billion each and are ranked 18,19, & 21 on the Forbes billionaire list 2024.

-        Walmart operates over 10,500 retail stores worldwide.

-        Best known for big box stores with locations in rural and suburban areas.

-        Walmart is celebrated for its low-priced products. 

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The Hermes Family is one of the richest families in the world

Estimated Wealth: £117 billion GBP

Company: Hermes

-        The French fashion house and luxury supplier Hermes has been at the top of the fashion industry for decades.

-        Known for their signature scarves, neckties, and perfumes, as well as the iconic Kelly and Birkin handbags.

-        The company began in the 19th century by Thierry Kermes creating riding apparel for the upper class.  

The Mars Family has become one of the wealthiest families in the world

Estimated: £110 billion GBP

Company: Mars Incorporated

-        The Mars family is comparable to the Walton family in terms of being a multigenerational family business that is continuously growing.

-        Mars incorporated is best known for making M&M, Mars, Snickers, Skittles, and many other well-known brands.

-        In 2027 the company diversified with the purchase of VCA, a pet care company.

-        Siblings Jacqueline and John Mars, whose grandfather Frank Mars founded the company each have a net worth of £29.9 billion.

-        The Mars family continues to run the company, and the fourth-generation family members are now taking on more of the responsibilities.

Al Thani Family is the 5th richest family in the world

Estimated: £103 billion GBP

Company: Royal Family of Qatar

jar of money

-        The Al Thani family has been ruler of Qatar since the 19th century.

-        The family fortune comes mostly from the countries mining gas and oil fields.

-        In addition to the income made from oil and gas. Sheikh Hamad invested billions of dollars in business.

-        The businesses he invested in included Volkswagen, Total, Sainsbury’s and Barclays Bank.

-        In 2018 Sheik Hamad abdicated the throne to his fourth son.

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