​Average Salary of Marketing Across the UK

​Average Salary of Marketing Across the UK

Posted on 01 July 2024

Marketing is a dynamic field that encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities. From brand managers, social media managers, SEO analysts, and event planners to digital marketers.

The marketing landscape offers diverse opportunities for professionals to showcase their creativity, analytical skills and strategic thinking. At the heart of every marketing role is the goal of promoting products, services, events or ideas to target audiences effectively.

The marketing industry is a buzzing industry full of activity, with professionals juggling many tasks and responsibilities every day. Due to this, marketing salaries in the UK can range across different ranks and locations. In this blog, we’ll go through different UK marketing salaries from the core UK cities.

So, what is the average marketing salary across the UK?

London’s Average Marketing Salary

The Average Marketing Salary in London is £39,544

tower bridge london

Working in marketing in London can be described as a whirlwind. Fuelled by the city’s diversity and global influence, marketers navigate through a fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing environment. From developing new and unique ideas, creating buzz-worthy events, and finding ways to capture the attention of the busy Londoner, no two days in marketing are the same. London’s melting pot of cultures inspires inclusive strategies, while its vibrant arts scene sparks creativity to captivate audiences’ attention.

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Manchester’s Average Marketing Salary

The Average Marketing Salary in Manchester is £33,908

Working in the marketing industry in Manchester is a dynamic and exciting experience full of opportunities. The city’s vibrant cultural scene and rich heritage provide a unique background for creativity and innovation. Marketing professionals in Manchester thrive in a busy environment, where there is a chance to collaborate with a diverse range of clients and sectors.

Manchester is also a thriving city of startups and universities, meaning there are consistently new environments for a growing talent pool of fresh perspectives. Marketing professionals in Manchester navigate a lively landscape, embracing the city's distinct character while leveraging the latest marketing tools and strategies.

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Liverpool’s Average Marketing Salary

The Average Marketing Salary in Liverpool is £25,928

Liverpool’s marketing scene thrives off the city’s creative energy and cultural identity. Marketing professionals collaborate in the city’s buzzing workspaces, drawing inspiration from Liverpool’s quirky charm to craft unique campaigns. Liverpool also has a booming hospitality sector that marketers tap into.

Liverpool is a great city for networking and creating connections due to its tight-knit community, making it easy to exchange fresh ideas and insights. Whilst working in Liverpool, you’ll constantly be immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, full of creativity and character.

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Birmingham’s Average Marketing Salary

The Average Marketing Salary in Birmingham is £33,281

Marketing roles in the city of Birmingham are prosperous and active, which reflects the city’s thriving business landscape. Professionals will find themselves at the heart of a diverse array of industries from car manufacturing to tech and creative agencies.

Birmingham has a rich culture and a vibrant arts scene which provides solid ground for innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with locals in one of the most diverse cities in the UK. Working in Birmingham also means being close to the city’s Hippodrome, the busiest theatre in the UK which sees over 520,000 people each year.

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