Who are the Top 5 Youngest Billionaires?

Who are the Top 5 Youngest Billionaires?

Posted on 01 July 2024

It’s unlikely that many people will become a billionaire in their lifetime for anyone and it's even rarer to become a billionaire at a young age. The average billionaire is aged 66, the oldest billionaire is currently 102 and the youngest is 19.

Select few have earned the billionaire title, especially at such a young age. We have compiled a top 5 of the youngest billionaires who are all under the age of 30.

Clemente Del Vecchio is the world’s youngest billionaire, alongside his brother Luca Del Vecchio who is also one of the youngest billionaires.

Age: 19 & 22

Country: Italy

Source of Wealth: Eyeglasses

Net Worth: £7.3 billion GBP combined


-Clemente and Luca are 2 of 6 children of Leonardo Del Vecchio, who is the late chairman of EssilorLuxottica the world’s largest eyeglasses firm.

-They both inherited a 12.5% stake in their father's holding company Delfin after his passing.

-After Clemente inherited part of his father’s wealth in 2022, he became the world’s youngest billionaire at age 18.

-Besides EssilorLuxottica, Delfin also owns shares in insurer Generali, banks Mediobanca and UniCredit and real estate developer Covivio.

Kim Jung-youn & Kim Jung-min are two of the youngest billionaires under the age of 30

Age: 20 & 22

Country: South Korea

Source of Wealth: Online Gaming

Net Worth: £2.1 billion GBP combined

-Jung-youn and Jung-min each own around 18% of NXC which is the largest shareholder in the online gaming company Nexon.

-The 2 sisters inherited the majority of their stakes in the company when their father Kim Jung-ju who founded Nexon in 1994 passed away.

-Little is known about Jung-youn and Jung-min, and they have no involvement in the operations of Nexon.

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Kevin David Lehmann is one of the top 5 youngest billionaires

Age: 21

Country: Germany

Source of Wealth: Drugstores

Net Worth: £2.5 billion GBP

-Kevin David owns 50% of Germany’s leading drugstore chain dm (Drogerie Markt), this chain brings in over £10 billion in annual revenue.

-dm was started in 1973 and now has over 3,700 locations.

-In 1974 Lehmann’s father Guenther invested in dm, and in 2017 Guenther transferred his 50% dm stake over to his son.

-Neither Kevin David nor his father have been involved with the operations of dm and little is known about them.

Remi Dassault is one of the top youngest billionaires

Age: 22

Country: France

Source of Wealth: Inherited

Net Worth: £1.9 billion GBP

-Remi is the son of Olivier Dassault and is the heir to the Dassault aerospace and software fortune.

-His grandfather founded Dassault Aviation which is a French aerospace company that began by making propellers in WWI.

-The Dassault family also own Germany's daily newspaper Le Figaro, several vineyards and a private aeronautic company.

Zahan Mistry is amongst the youngest billionaires in the world


Age: 25

Country: Ireland & India

Source of Wealth: Diversified

Net Worth: £3.8 billion GBP

-Zahan is the son of the late Cyrus Mistry who was the chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata conglomerate.

-He inherited 18.4% of his family’s stake after his father's passing in 2022.

-Tatas Sons spans across IT, communications, engineering and energy.

-He has Irish citizenship but resides in Mumbai, India.

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