Meet the Team: Chloe Marsh

Meet the Team: Chloe Marsh

Posted on 17 October 2022

Next up for our Meet the Team series of blogs is our Divisional Manager, Chloe Marsh!

Chloe manages the Recruitment Team at Get Recruited, a team of specialist consultants covering Sales, Marketing, Finance, Insurance/FS, Business Support, and Senior hires.

With over 10 years of experience, Chloes has been part of the Get Recruited team for over five years, building a broad candidate and client network across the UK.

What’s your role within Get Recruited?

I’m the Divisional Manager here at Get Recruited, so I oversee the team of Recruiters and Resourcers. I personally manage clients and candidates in most of our key sectors across the UK and have built those relationships over the last 10 years.

What did you want to be growing up and why did you end up choosing Recruitment as a career?

Growing up I wanted to be a few things, but it changed pretty much every week and this varied from being a gymnast to a teacher. The one that really stuck was I wanted to be a teacher, but after starting recruitment at 15, I quickly realised I’d found my calling!

If you could go back in time to the start of your Recruitment career and give yourself some advice… what would it be?

If I could give myself advice at the start of my career, it would be to believe I could do it! Recruitment can be a daunting industry, especially for a 15-year-old fresh out of school. There’s a lot to learn! 10 years later, I’m still learning! But it would be to believe in myself more in my earlier years.

With so much on your plate daily, how do you keep organised and on top of a large workload?

To keep organised, I use to-do lists religiously and couldn’t live without my diary! Organisation is key in recruitment to make sure you give your clients and candidates the best service possible! But I also use my team around me who are a great support.

Give us your number one Recruitment pet peeve.

My recruitment pet peeve is probably people who aren’t honest with recruiters. I love to help businesses secure the best talent and people find their dream jobs, this is so much harder when you don’t have the full picture!

Lastly, who’s a figure that inspires you and why?

I’ve always been really inspired by Karen Brady. At a young age, she also started in a very male-dominated industry which, coming from Industrial Recruitment, I relate to hugely. ​

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